TGO 是汇聚全球技术领导者的高端社群,我们希望让所有孤军奋战的技术管理者都找到属于自己的圈子。在这里,您可以冲破职业晋升道路中的成长局限,搭建快速连接每一个技术管理者的沟通桥梁,打破传统企业与互联网企业之间的技术壁垒,探索业务与技术交融下产生的无限可能。

截止至 2018 年 12 月,TGO鲲鹏会全球累计付费会员超过 730 人,其中 70% 为 CTO 和技术 VP 。


TGO is a global platform attached to Geekbang Technology Ltd , where high-level tech leaders gather and communicate. TGO is short for Top Geeks Organization, whose Chinese name is Kunpenghui.

According to the Daoist classic Zhuangzi,

Kun is a fish in the northern ocean, and this Kun changes into a bird, called the Peng. When the Peng flies southwards, the water is smitten for a space of 3,000 Li around, while the bird itself mounts upon a great wind to a height of 90,000 Li, for a flight of 6 months duration .

In Chinese culture, Kunpeng, combining Kun and Peng, is a phrase for great minds and excellent people, who will never settle and make a big difference in the society. It is quoted Geekbang Technology Ltd as a metaphor for how tech leaders can learn from and rely on each other to improve society amid the rise of the mobile Internet.



2050 志愿者,TGO鲲鹏会总监,创始届 2050 新生论坛主编。