2050: Volunteer

Define "Volunteer" the Youth Way

1. At 2050, volunteer is not about moral righteousness. It is right to say no.
2. At 2050, volunteer comes from willingness.
3. At 2050, top #1 obligation of volunteers is to participate.
4. At 2050, top #1 right of volunteers is to stay away.
5. At 2050, it is wrong to do nothing when something has been promised.
6. At 2050, 1 min of participation is as good as 100 min of participation.
7. At 2050, the biggest disaster is to participate against one's will.
8. At 2050, "how things get done" is more important than results.
9. A volunteer is responsible for what he/she has promised, despite no payment is involved.
10. At 2050, making the impossible possible is the spirit.


Participate x Volunteer

Put your time, efforts, resources, experiences and creativity into what you believe.
And don't forget your smile! :)


Publish a tweet
Say you are 2050 volunteer
They ask you what is 2050
You tell them what you see

Party Host

Invite your group
to meet other 2050ers
Shaking hands
Exchanging ideas

Forum Producer

Bring your topic
Speakers you want here
To the 2050 Stage
To make your stand

2050 Artist

A sketch?
A banner?
A well beautified photo?
Submit your favourite work!

2050 Writer

A news report?
An article?
A random poet?
Submit your beloved work~

Expo Explorer

In 10,000 m2 expo
Bring your innovation
Tech, Vitality, Borderless
Brain Storms!

2050 Contributor

A theme song?
A film being produced?
A book proposal?
Talk to us!

Global Internship

Cool & Fun
3 months in Cloud Town
Work for good
And good thing happen

3-day Volunteer

Growth of 2050
Takes efforts from many
Buy ticket to spend 3 days
That's super good volunteer

Volunteer Owners @ 2050 InnoCamp

Volunteer Owners take responsibilities for works to be done in 2050.

2050 Yearly Reunion Workgroup

  • Reunion Parties: Su Xin(Sumu)
  • Next Gen Forum: Zhao Xinlong
  • Expo: Lu Gang
  • Outdoor Activities: Cai Zhaohua, Cai Quming
    • Football: Cai Yida
  • Meetup: Zhou Gongshuang
  • Migratory Bird Program: Geoffrey Tong Shitian, Tang Jingyi
  • 2050青年奖:范凌,吴梦娇
  • Event Executive: Zhou Meiting

2050 Website Workgroup

  • Website Content: Yang Sai
  • IT Admin: Du Yong
  • 2018 Website: Wang Xianqi, Wang Liangliang, Sun Huanyang, Meiyao
  • Ticket System: Jiang Qifei, Sitong

Heating up the Connections

  • Super node: Elaine Yu Bihua
  • 恳谈会:张康鹏(四朵)

Data Collection, Archiving and Production

  • Video Shooting: Jiang Qifei
  • Photo Shooting: Wang Shukun
  • 内容中心:杨赛,夏靖

Life Guard Workgroup

  • Language Volunteers: Wang Minjie
  • 全球实习生计划:朱琳(小楼),孙捷敏,程舒强
  • 新生活:裴轶

Public Relations Workgroup

  • Gov Relations: Lu Xiaohong


Thank you ALL for your contributions to 2050!

2050 is initiated by Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, the idea started operating in year 2018. 2050 make youths from all cities in the world to have a chance to meet face to face, to live together for three days, to do things together, to share what they think about the world before thousands of people, as well as their failed attempts.

We are not understanding 2050, neither are we explaining or forecasting 2050.
We are co-creating 2050.

"2050 Conference is not a conference. 2050 is all about REUNION."

Wang Jian, 2050 Volunteer #001

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