A 2050 Entry Ticket. What can it do?

If you have something you want to share with many, your stage might be here.
If you always wanted to meet "someone", someone might be waiting for you here.

Apr 26th - 28th, 3 days in a row.
Meeting people and be met, share ideas and be shared, visit things and be visited,
Do some running, play some football, sleep in a tent, sing on stage, play around with a real airplane,
and bring something you want to play with others!

Entry Ticket

¥ 660
  • All Forums
  • All Expo

Reunion Ticket

¥ 330
  • For Reunion Parties
  • 含通票所有项目

Fun Ticket

¥ 0-599
  • 逐日晨跑4.8KM
  • Camping Under the Stars
  • Banma Cup足球赛
  • 更多活动


  • By default, individuals buy [2050 entry ticket] via the first option. After you choose the number of tickets, fill in your personal information, and finish payment, and you get your ticket through email.
  • For those born after April 26th, 2001, you can purchase [Tickets for under 18 year olds].
    • Recommended age: above 6 years old.
    • Children below 12 year olds need to be accompanied by their adult guardians.
  • You can purchase the [Reunion Parties Ticket] only from Reunion Party Hosts.
    • If you host a reunion party, you can ask Sumu the Reunion Party Co-ordinator about your ticket code: suxin@bigdata-x.com
    • If you know you participate a Reunion Party, you can ask your Reunion Party Host.
    • If you just want to batch purchase more than 30 tickets, you can contact 18969160367 .
  • There are several activities in 2050 requiring additional purchases, such as 4.8K morning run and camping. You can purchase them after you purchase the main entry ticket.


  • We support payments through Wechat and Alipay.
  • If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please send your payment invoice by email to ticket@2050reunion.org . E-ticket will be sent to your email when payment is confirmed.
  • E-ticket is the only entry proof for 2050.
  • If you lost your ticket, contact ticket@2050reunion.org as soon as possible.

Furthur info:

  • Any questions can be directed to ticket@2050reunion.org .
  • If you have other words to say to 2050,click here to leave your words.
  • This ticket system is developed by ITDKS, one of the 2050 Volunteer Organisations. This page is co-created by the following 2050 volunteers: Jiang Qifei, Sitong, Zhouzhou, Chengcheng, Xiaofang, Xiaoliu, Minmin, Huihui, Fangqian, Datian, Elaine, Sai.
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