We will spend three days together without knowing but curious about what will happen.
You bring your interested topic while he brings his and she brings hers, together we co-create 2050!


Here are 100 party spaces for youths. You can come and organise their own gatherings.
Your neighbours are satellite developers, airplane developers, cloud computing developers and artists.
Feel free to say HI to each other!

A space. A stage. That makes a theatre, a forum.
The largest room can host 2,000 audience at the same time. All producers will need to compete to get it!
There is no "keynote" sessions in 2050. Anything you care about can be what shows up in 2050!

Here are 10,000 m2 expo space. You can display any fancy stuff you have been working on.
If you want to show something to 20,000 audience, then get onboard the ship now!

Science is not just for scientists. Science is for everyone.
2050 will make the world see courage, besides success of innovation.
Young teams bring their un-published innovations to 2050 and present them, even if the presentation might be a failure.

Super-sized Paper Airplanes

Students from No. 2 High School Attached to Beijing Normal University will bring their 2.4m long paper airplanes and set it fly!

2050 News Events

You have manufactured a ROCKET which cannot fly into space yet, but you believe it's just a matter of time. Now, you are going to announce it in front of thousands of people. How would you do it?

Tianrang AI Meets Go

500 kids who are learning Go come to 2050 to play against AI. Technology gives the kids chance to compete with Go grandmasters.

To Be Continued...

You have Reunion Parties and you come up with something fun?
There are grass grounds, football field, runways, and many other toys to play around with!

Run! Chase the Rising Sun

2050 youth run into sunshine, chasing the rising sun in the morning.

Camping Under the Stars

Hundreds of camps, a lamp, a song, and a story to keep you excited to midnight...


Whether you are CTO or university student, whether you come from Tokyo or Capetown, you can contribute your one hour to "date" with another young soul.

The Stage of Youth

It is not only the sound of waves, but also the enthusiasm that is not only expressed through musical notes but also imagination. At 2050, it is a place for young people of the new era expresses their voices to the world.

Banma Cup Soccer Carnival

People from all corners of the world, with shared passion in technology and soccer, comes together to battle on the green rooftop.

To Be Continued...

2050 Migratory Bird Program

The 2050 Migratory Bird Program will provide financial travel aid for 100 young people who should be in 2050 each year.
Travel distance should not block youth from being on this stage.

2050 Youth Awards

At the last night of each 2050 Yearly Reunion
The Top 10 most "2050" youth will be awarded an honour and a $10,000 prize.

Participate x Volunteer

What is the best reunion you can think of? Working together with whom you love on stuff you love, of course!
Thanks to all Volunteers and Volunteer Organisations, you defined "volunteer" in the Youth Way, making 2050 unique!

2050 is initiated by Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, the idea started operating in year 2018. 2050 make youths from all cities in the world to have a chance to meet face to face, to live together for three days, to do things together, to share what they think about the world before thousands of people, as well as their failed attempts.

We are not understanding 2050, neither are we explaining or forecasting 2050.
We are co-creating 2050.

"2050 Conference is not a conference. 2050 is all about REUNION."

Wang Jian, 2050 Volunteer #001

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