2050: Youth x Tech x Reunion x Volunteer
Youth reunion in the name of technology. Volunteers bring their best smiles. Interesting souls fall in love with each other.
2050: Find Yourself.
Filter what doesn't belong to us, and our true self appears.
2050: Chasing the rising sun.
The closer the young people get to challenges, the closer the future is to us.
In a garden of nothing, everything grows.
2050 is defined by YOU!

2050 undefined: YOUTH

This is the youngest generation in history. 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old.
Chasing the younger generation is our confidence in the future. Future in the hearts of the youths must be the future of the world.

2050 undefine: SCI-TECH x REUNION

Sci-tech all over the world is dividing human beings.
But human beings can reunite in the name of sci-tech too, just like the way they reunite in the name of music and sports.

Here are 100 party spaces for youths.
They can come and organise their own gatherings.

There is no "keynote" sessions in 2050.
Anything you care about can be what shows up in 2050.

Here are 10,000 m2 expo space.
You can display any fancy stuff you have been working on.

Science is not just for scientists.
This lab is for all brave souls who is not afraid of failures!

There are grass grounds, football field, runways,
and many other toys to play around with!

Migratory birds come to Cloud Town from all over the world.
2050 compensates them for their travel.

The most "2050" 10 youths get awarded.
The award prizes $10,000.

1 minute work makes you a volunteer, 100 minutes too.
Volunteer is not right or wrong. There is only one reason to volunteer: you feel like doing it!

2050 is initiated by Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, the idea started operating in year 2018. 2050 make youths from all cities in the world to have a chance to meet face to face, to live together for three days, to do things together, to share what they think about the world before thousands of people, as well as their failed attempts.

We are not understanding 2050, neither are we explaining or forecasting 2050.
We are co-creating 2050.

"2050 Conference is not a conference. 2050 is all about REUNION."

Wang Jian, 2050 Volunteer #001

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